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Originally Posted by rdono View Post
As a pro I want to offer this: It is all BS, plain & simple. The sealants (perma-plate being the first and Luster glaze and many others today) are not guaranteed for any length of time. They are guaranteed for "up to" the dollar amount you spent for the product, and then only if you followed the maintained schedule.

Further as someone stated it doesn't last for any length of time unless you reinstate it (eat. re-apply it). These products are designed to be moneymakers for dealers. The cost of the best product we have found to date is about $50-75.00 per vehicle (our cost), application takes an experienced pro about 4 hours (new car) and retails at most dealerships for $500 & up.

As for Clear shields, they are like car bras, which I wrote about, in several major automotive publications back in the early 80's. They can take away some paint issues but can cause others. With a Clear Shield type product you will not get rock chips, but you may get dis-coloration or blistering of your paint if applied over paint that is too fresh. But by time any of us get these cars we should be safe on this issue, but here is the big problem: Say you damage the bumper or nose of the car, when the old shield is removed most times the underlying paint is damaged, causing a major increase in repair costs, then if you donít allow the paint to sit (we wait 5 full days) you may have blistering of the paint as gasses have been trapped under the clear shield and can not escape. I believe 3M suggest either 30 or 90 days, yea right!

I donít want to go on and on, I just want everyone to understand there is no free ride. Your Camaro will be at it's best when you take delivery, from that point is all downhill (paint wise). For the best protection we have never found anything better that good old carnauba paste wax. We use Pro Yellow Wax (professional product now in stores) and Maguire or 3M's (they own them both) new performance finish products. These are designed for base coat- clear coat finishes and are especially good on urethane clears. These are easy on, easy off and offer reasonable protection for about 4-6 weeks (past wax is good for maybe 90 days @ best).

Wash the care regularly, wax or use the Performance Finish often and run the wheels off it. There are no free rides when it comes to protection your finish, just use your elbow grease.

R. Dono
well said.
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