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Originally Posted by Mikes SS View Post
Dilute the product? Boy are you DILUTED! LOL Nobody wants a 1LE, they want the Z/28 and the only reason people will buy the 1LE option is because of talk. MANY MANY more people will buy a car that has a Z/28 badge on it.
Did it stop you from getting the SS? Who’s waiting for the Z28 to come out?
New buyers? no.
Chevy owners? mainly
2010+ Camaro owners? yes absolutely

So that's why you will wait...only hard core fan (mostly) will buy this product and since we are already customer waiting to trade our actual ride, we will have to wait until next Gen or the last year of this gen to swap to make it even more commercially viable.
That's my take anyway. The Z28 was the moniker for an entry level V8 car... cosmetically it was unique and performance wise it was not to come close to the SS 1LE.

The past his repeating itself here once again.

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