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Originally Posted by 20121lt View Post
great job on winning awwwwsome
Thank you!

Originally Posted by Mishimoto View Post
Congrats on winning! Looks like the pain from fighting with the hog rings is paying off
it totally made it worth it!

Originally Posted by FRSTR90 View Post
Just spent the last hour going thru your build thread and all the comments.. Your car has definitely come a long way and it looks great!! I am sure you dont need me to tell you. You already know..

What I love the most about your car is the all the detail work that you've done to it! To me, it really is about the small things that you do to a car.

I would like to make a recommendation.. IMHO, I think your car would sport a more aggressive/muscular look if you were to finish off the GFX package. The other day I mistook an LT for an SS. That was until I realized it was missing the mail slot and the SS emblems. I guess I'm just use to seeing that package on V8's.

And last, but not least.. By reading all your posts, you seem like a very cool person with a great personality! This world needs more ladies like you!

Oh, BTW I think you still owe us a video of the exhaust.. just sayin'
Thank you!!! It's funny, a lot of times those little details go unnoticed. Especially at car shows. People see dozens of LED's and body work and lambo doors but they don't notice the stitching I spent hours hand-dying, kwim? But I don't mind. I'm more into classy and subtle over really wild stuff. I want my car to be low-profile. Thank you so much for the compliments!

I am considering the rest of the GFX kit! But I live on a dirt road and I have issues with clearance as is so I've left it off for that reason. When I no longer live on this road (next year)... oh yeah

Thank you!

Originally Posted by pierre777 View Post
congrats for the win
Thank you! I was pretty stoked. Bouncing around the parking lot
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