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Originally Posted by cactuseater View Post
Customer Service and case numbers only do one thing, they call the dealership incessantly and tell you the same thing the dealer service manager just told you a few minutes before. Just a bunch of phone calls by some call center somewhere. Total waste of time, but it does help with documenting the problem.

Replacing the entire defective design flawed mechanism with the new design is the step they should take, but Chevy is arrogant in their resistance to repair these vehicles correctly. It also seems that the fixes are inconsistent from dealer to dealer and especially from state to state. Demand the new mechanism and see what happens, the animal will show it's real stripes at that point, and you'll know what your're dealing with.

I am on the receiving end of that BS game as well. Also way past the statute requirements in my state as well, over 100 days out of service since January 2012.

Replacing the entire mechanism with a new one is not going to happen right away.I have been saying all along the been counters are in control at they attempt to fix A, then A+B, then A+B+C and when they have exhausted all attempts they might consider putting on a new top mechanism or they will just let you lemon law it.
Hell, I couldn't even get GM Canada to approve new carpeting when I had the finding nemo effect(flood in backseat floor area caused by water management bag failure).So I spent $45K on a car to have flood ravaged carpeting in it.I must say though my dealer did an excellent job cleaning it up(no musty smell at all).Aside from the obvious problem of design flaw/top problems, the dealers ability to repair such , varies from dealer to dealer.If a dealer has top experience then you have a good chance at a repair(may no solve the rub marks since they are a design flaw) but could have other issues fixed ie broken 5th bow.I have had both my 5th bow replaced and my water management bag replaced at 2 different times as GM Canada would not approve the water management bag replacement at the time the 5th bow was being replaced.Sure enough at 6-7 weeks after 5th bow replaced, I was back in for the finding nemo effect.It has been 2 months since and knock on wood, all seems to be holding together right now.How long the repairs will last is anyones guess.
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