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Got the car back today. And the first impressions are... great!

The fit of the top while up is perfect. No wrinkles or waves and it doesn't appear to be overly tight.

This new top sits in the well much different than the old. This one folds up more compact. There are no parts of the top that touch the well. It does seem to ride a tad higher.

The interior sound level in the car was good with the old top it is much quieter now. I never checked over my shoulder once to see if the back window was down.

I know GM paid $1,400 to the trim shop to install this top. I looked over everything and can find no defects.

I will post up some photos soon and I will also perform the lotion rub test to see if I am still going to be susceptible to the classic rub marks.

I never believed the tops could look this good. Now if I can just keep it this way.
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