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Pedders Autocross Results UPDATED

CamaroCross Results from Camaro5FEST III

Everyone is well aware of the technical difficulties we encountered. The biggest issue was with the people at the Autocross. We had no idea that people absorb the low power radio waves used by the wireless timing eyes and cut the operational range. When we tested the setup we never thought about testing range with 80 spectators or considered the impact of cell phones :( That is the bad news. The good news is we know now and are well prepared for C5FEST IV at GOTCHA RaceWay
. We were able, capture car number, car description and times on a basic spreadsheet for just over 90 entrants. That means we are missing times for many entrants. It doesn't matter why. We know we disappointed the people we were working so hard to please. I am sincerely sorry for that.

How about Becky's 35.9 Becky was the FASTEST C5 Amateur Driver and the FTD for the ZL1 class. How do we know Becky's class? Too easy. Becky drove a bone stock ZL1 Becky, this is your Hot Shoe Driver Award!!!

They will have to do until they release a Camaro design. The 'other' driver in Becky's ZL1 was Rob Anderson Pedders USA / Wretched Motorsports but Rob is a 'professional' so he doesn't count We ran a private session at the end of day Friday for the Moderators. They turned in some unbelievable times. TAG ran a -12.94. He was so fast we didn't see it, but if he says that was it time we believe him Dragoneye ran a 29.37 in a bone stock ZL1, but has been MIA since the FEST If anyone knows his whereabouts please report the details to the F.B.I. The G Man ran a Gator and was just shy of Dragoneye's ZL1 time. Unfortunately the timing equipment failed along with the in car video, out of car video and stills

Pedders was the sponsor of the AC and will be again next year. With our responsibility as AC / C5 Hosts we do a lot of driver ride alongs, and courtesy runs for the C5 Fest VIP Guests. That gives our drivers a bit of an advantage as well as disadvantage. They work long hard hours to make the AC event possible. Professional Class Bragging Rights Fastest Time of the Day goes to Bruce Raymond's Camaro which ran a 32.46 on the fourth run. We could be wrong, but we think everyone that ran had at least four runs. Danny Popp did countless demos for drivers and a series of charity rides. Danny and the L/28 was flat out the FTD overall, but due to the number of runs Danny made we placed an * on his result. Dan Howard ran great with the third fastest event time. We want to acknowledge Jordan from JDP / Pfadt as the Fastest non-Pedders AC Sponsor Driver and Car. I think he had only five runs If Friday's final session had not been rained out who knows what the results would have been???

I do. We would have all had even MORE FUN. The numbers are important, but they take a distant second place to the main reason the C5 CamaroCross event exists. FUN. No matter how hot, no matter how long the wait, no matter how many cones were mangled the smiles at the end of the runs tell the story. We'll do this again next year with the same AC TEAM and equipment. It will run smoother and all the drivers will get more runs. More runs mean more fun. C5FEST IV can't come soon enough.
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