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Originally Posted by tramtwo View Post
Post new top install, water management failed. Dealer wants the car on Monday to have the contractor take a look at it. Unwilling to just order the new bag...
Fortunately, your leak may be the result of an installation error - as mine was, they installed it upside down on top #2. If not, it's the faulty design of the waterbag.

They will never "shampoo" out the mold and mildew in that thing, never. Why? Because they don't take the carpet out of the car and dis-infect it like trim shops used to back in the 70's and 80's with flood jobs. I did hundred of them from river flooding in the Northeast back in my day working at my dad's trim shop. They don't know how to do this properly, or simply just don;t want to. They you it was steam cleaned or something similar. It's crap, the carpet needs to come out, the padding removed and thrown away, new padding installed, and the carpet thoroughly cleaned on both sides with a disinfectant shampoo. They couldn't get away with it on mine since the carpet is a light grey and shows everything. It also smelled horrible, like rotting trash in a trashcan.

Today's dealers are "parts changers." They look at the computer and go by what GM thinks should be done, not what old fashioned common sense and intuition tell them to do. GM authorizes a shampoo, refuses a new carpet, and a few weeks down the road you're in for a new carpet anyway. It's really freakin' ridiculous anymore. So, demand a carpet kit if all they are going to do is shampoo the carpet while it is still in your car - epic failure.

If the damn top keeps showing those "V" marks, demand a new mechanism. Those marks are classic on this top - the problem is so widely known already. Keep taking it back. Document the days out of service. And maybe as the last resort get an attorney involved. Not sure of you vehicle history, but you are invited to PM me here and I can help the best I can. I have been through ALL OF THIS already.
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