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Originally Posted by XanthosV6 View Post
I'd be more worried about how rediculous first gear would become. Its already a total 14.64:1. Swapping in 4.1s will put that at 18.37:1. Seems just a bit too steep to me - you'd be shifting about 2 miliseconds after launch. It seems to me that the V6 is already geared pretty well. The most I would want to do is swap in an SS rear. That way you get the beefier rear end and the 3.45 gears instead of the 3.27. That would put your first gear at 15.46:1, give you a bit more pull throughout the entire strip, and help you handle the extra power if you decided to go FI or similar.
- Xanthos
That tq multiplication number doesn't mean squat when you take tire size and rev range (7000 rpm) into consideration. 4.10's would be the minimum of what this car really needs. The overall gearing would be VERY similar to when the stock/bolt-on 5.0 guys were putting 3.73's in their 87-93 5.0's.
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