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Originally Posted by Blacksunshine View Post
Sorry, out of town for the w/e. I got a second welcome kit. The delete supposedly happened in March, the re-orders were done within a few days. the person who deleted them was let go. That's all you can ask them to do, but not being up front about it bothers me...but what am I going to do? Stand on principle and take my order elsewhere and get the car next year? Not for this. I guess its not that serious.
yea i here ya! i was so pissed at first that i almost canceled and re-ordered through another dealer. glad i didn't do anything in my state of anger. i would have been old and gray waitng for this car...LOL although seriously, there are some on this site that ordered feb/march and have gotten their cars already. but i know it's because of the model and engine they ordered that they have them so i'd still be waiting anyway. what can ya do, right?
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