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Originally Posted by MINI HLK View Post
I have had my SGM for a year now and love the car. I have had allot of compliments over the year. One that stands out in my mind is about a gate guard. One day coming through the gate she said nice car. I of course trying not to sound conceded say thank you and drove through. About two weeks later as I was leaving she screamed a woot type of call at my car. That was startling, as it was quite loud. I love my SGM as much if not more than the gate guard. As I too scream woot inside each day I get to drive it.

Anyway this leads me to my quandary. A close friend of mine knows I have been looking for a SGM M6 V8 for some time. I found one and the time was just not right for that purchase. Then I found another one and waited till a Friday and that was gone. So I am thinking about the new 1LE's. I can afford one in about 6 months. My wife does not want me to get rid of my car. As she likes the green. She even told me that if the 1LE came in SGM, that I could buy it no problem.

Truth is I really love my SGM. To get rid of it even for a better car I will feel sick to my stomach. Anyone owning a car ever feel this way. Knowing they love the car they currently own. But wanting another car and deciding to trade in the one they love. Maybe I should get a white 1LE and save the money for a SGM paint job. I was on the verge of purchasing rims for my car. Now.... I am going to wait it out....

DARN YOU GM!!!! Why do your cars have to keep getting better....

Here is hoping that GM doesnt do this to me again in six months. lol....

Don't blame you for wanting the 1LE, it is great, but since you are considering here is a different point of view.

Unless you are really going to go to the track that package will be nothing more than a novelty, since you love what you have now to give it up for a bragging right seems silly. I'm not bashing, if that's what you want then more power to you, but you could take the car you love now and mod it with higher quality parts than the 1LE, skip the trade it in process, and really have something very special and be better off with a car that does more. Literally the best of both worlds.

In short I'd wait before making a purchase just to have "the next big thing" and make sure my money is going where it should.

Nothing wrong of course if you go for it, I'll envy that ride as much as anybody and if you are hitting the track you are going to love those turns, but best of luck and let us know what you decide.
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