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Originally Posted by monstertodd View Post
"Oppenheiser said owners of current Camaros will be able to replicate most of the 1LE package from the parts catalog, although they won't have access to the unique final-drive ratio or the new electric power steering. Bummer"

Quote from the recent inside line article about the 1LE. According to Al O. the final drive is a no go on previous Camaros?
anything is possible. i think he might mean warrantable access....?

either the gears can be swapped in or the diff can be swapped. halfshafts and driveshafts are easy to modify if needed. depends on the cost at that point. if too much adapting is needed I guess LPE can keep their gears at 800 bucks. which is very lame. gear sets have cost 150 - 200 dollars for decades.

also, I don't think a dealer has the ability to change the ratio in the computer.... you need a tune. so gm will just say it can't be done.

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