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Did anyone else do this at the fest???

Figured I would start a thread about breaking at the Fest...

Got to the track early Friday morning and on my 2nd pass on the drag strip... I grenaded my rear end ....damn wheel hop...and the track hooked too good! I am not so mad about my rear end grenading as I am of the fact that I wanted to get more passes in! Why couldnt it grenade later in the day!!! owell, you play you pay! Still had a great time at the fest despite the !

Also, I want to throw out a huge thank you to RPM for helping me out and getting me back home. Those guys were great! They lifted it in their trailer and had the rear end down in 10 mins...took it apart and metal chunks flowed out everywhere! Turns out the spider gears failed and took out everything else. They threw in a used stock rear end to get me home...and I cant thank them enough for all their work! Now, decisions decisions about making it stronger!

Anyone else break anything while at the fest? Post it, would like to hear some stories!

I attached some photos and the video of the crunch!

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