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Originally Posted by CamaroGirl5 View Post
Figured I would start a thread about breaking at the Fest...

Got to the track early Friday morning and on my 2nd pass on the drag strip... I grenaded my rear end
Broke my right rear axle on Friday afternoon. Luckily it was on the "last" pass of the day. (eighth run)

I stopped by RPM Saturday morning and they said they'd look at it but already had a car up on their rack and showed me your gears laying all over.

Didn't want to wait so went over to Tony at Janetty's tent and they had me fixed up in about 30 minutes.

Agree with Becky, the Fest was the perfect place to have a fail.

Originally Posted by CamaroGirl5 View Post
Thank you!

I just snapped my drivers side axle about a month ago...upgraded them, now this! haha
I see in your mods you had the 3.91 gears. Those are one of my upgrade options when I make the axle/driveshaft investment. Did they give you an indication of what happened and where the fail started? Were there other upgrades to your rear end when you did the gear swap?

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