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The spider gears failed...NOT the 3.91 gear...the chunks from the spider gears then grenaded the rest inside...I love this gear, makes a big difference in the feels like a slug without it right now (still have the loaner 3.45 rear end in) far as what I am going to do, I am going to re use my case and put a new 3.91 in and a Eaton TruTrak inside it for now...then eventually I am going to upgrade to a 9 inch or hammerhead or gforce, etc, not sure what one yet.

Sorry to hear about breaking it, looks like your first pass was with me.
My 1st pass sucked, I wasnt ready for the light and didnt get a launch at all, and then when I tried to shift into 4th my trans grinded me out so I got outta it and just coasted thru the finish line, hoped my 2nd pass would be better, but it wasnt haha! My trans is a whole other problem!
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