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Ton of new Camaros on

Just looked at today, and wouldn't you know it, 1012 2010 Camaros on the list right now. More than a quarter of those were recently listed. Thats an avg. of 20 Camaros in your state right now.

Surprisingly... Texas and NY seem to have the MAJORITY of Camaros for sale right now. Not sure if that is because other dealers in other states aren't posting them on the internet (doubtful), or they are selling them instantly (again doubtful), or those two states seem to be favored by GM at the moment. You'd think there would be a ton in CA too, but no....

Looking at prices, they range from eye-popping 55k for a SS, to reasonably priced MSRP (most of those in NY and Texas are reasonable). To a ghastly 40k for a 1LT to MSRP. Perhaps the reason TX and NY dealers have so many is because they're actually blowing through inventory, because they're not being greedy??? Perhaps other dealers across the US should take note...

With so many on the list right now, I wonder why people who ordered in Oct are still waiting. Odd.

Hopefully we see 2000 on the list next month, and some of these gouging dealers will get their heads out of the clouds..
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