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Originally Posted by Dragoneye View Post

You know...Hyundai is not nearly the same company as GM, GM's produces many more trucks, and they don't get the happy tax breaks our foriegn neighbors get (but that's for another time)...and GM's doing much more than Ford in the fuel economy dept. (also, you don't know that Ford's V8s will be 'affordable', nor do you know that GM's won't be.
To me, it doesn't matter that Hyundai is in a different position than GM is. What matters is that Hyundai is making a really affordable RWD coupe with OVER 300 horsepower, while the Camaro is getting its V6 horribly detuned (260 hp? Are you kidding me? That's what the non-DI V6 in the Malibu gets. Even the Traverse has more power than that) and gets premium pricing. If the word "premium" was a slip-up, then that's a bad slip up, because it is a very loaded word. When I hear premium I think BMW, and if I'm paying BMW prices then I'm getting a BMW darn it. So far Ford hasn't announced any huge price hikes for its V8s, so for now I'm going with the information I have. And GM may not have said the V8s will be insanely expensive, but given the tone of all this it is obvious they want as few people as possible taking the V8. So to do that they either have to really jack up the price or limit supply (so the dealer jacks up the price instead).

hmmmm....Not really sure what to say - 'cause a single car ain't gonna end GM's comeback - especially not a car as bada$$ as this. So it's got a tamer, happier what???
What I'm saying is GM was showing signs of not giving into the temptation to make excuses and water things down. The Camaro was one of the few GM projects to be relatively unaffected (read: not canceled) by the CAFE changes, but now it seems (using my logic from above) that it will be reduced to a heavier, more expensive Cobalt SS with a V8 version tacked on for the Uber-rich.

The first sentance was good. Excellent point, and the first half of the second sentance...that's a good plan. The rest....All I can think of to say to people in your predicament is "Sorry". They never indended to please everyone. And, yet...I still don't see how adding an I4 to the lineup is going to ruin the Camaro world for you....

I understand. And I see where you're coming from. Just the fact that you say "I'm waiting until everything is officially revealed in whole before making my decision" is enough for me to pass off the rest of what you typed up as ranting/thinking out loud. That's what the boards are here for, after all.
I'm just writing in the hopes that someone from GM reads and understands that the market for the Camaro isn't as simple as "poor and wants maximum gas mileage" or "rich and doesn't care about gas mileage". I plan on living as close as possible to work (benefit of working for a company with locations near some of the more affordable (for California) areas) so gas mileage doesn't matter much to me, but I won't be making much either, so the price of the car does matter.
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