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Originally Posted by kevin1106 View Post

No offense to AAC but this is what I get for not checking behind people. No big deal, just the point.
that's nothing. I had AAC install a lighted rear bow tie on my car at the first Camarofest. The installer actually scratched my paint on my trunk while prying on the trunk. Then the guy actually had the nerve to deny he did it when I sat there watching the whole thing.

Oh, and by the way. The guy that did this? It was the company owner himself. The other helper that was doing my afterburner taillights came to me afterwords and said he was happy it was the company owner that scratched my car and not him. Otherwise he knows he would've been fired on the spot.

The only good thing was I happened to have some touch up paint with me. I touched up the scratch that thankfully was hidden by the new bow tie because it's a little wider than the original bow tie.
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