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Originally Posted by Happy_Dan View Post
I think maybe it was you that started with the wise cracks with the Kool Aid drinking. You could carry your same argument about everything on the ZL1 as well as the G8 and the SS for that matter. You don't need any of it on the street.
Are you claiming that no one needs to be able to stop their 4000 lb car from a 60mph roll a quick as possible? Facts are facts, the G8 stops a heavier car with lesser equipment and lousier pads than the ZL1 in a real world every day driving situations.

Originally Posted by Happy_dan
If you are talking about basic transportation than we don't need 200, 300 or 580 HP.
Well we could apply this to just about any product ever poduced. We could also apply this to any amount of power in any car.

Originally Posted by Happy_Dan
The ZL1 was engineered and designed as a track car. You have to be consistent and repeatable lap after lap. I'll meet you at Watkins Glen with your G8 and we'll see if the Brembo's make a difference.

That is the point you are missing I think.
If by engineered you mean to run a few laps then maybe. True track cars are not really engineered with SC's. If you haven't taken notice heat soak has been a problem with Z's on the track.

As for watkins glen. Ill leave that up to the professionals. My driving experiences don't revolve around watkins glen. It does revolve around having to be able to stop in a given situation in an emergency. Which as pointed out the G8 does it better, for roughly half the price of a Z.

It was stated that the ZL will stop its heavy weight better than any other car. If you like I could post brembo's own list of top breaking cars and the Z isn't anywhere on its list.
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