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Originally Posted by ssalter View Post
I 100% agree, and cant wait also, that was the first thing i looked at, seems like it couldnt be too hard, the way gm builds things, there is probably one wiring harness, and for RS cars it just would have a blank pin in the headlight switch connector, so hopefully you can get non RS headlight switch, and the proper pin for the headlight connector, and well its all speculation at this point, but hopefully you can find a fog light(DRL in the RS cars) circuit and power the trigger side of said relay and bam, shouldnt see why it would be too hard to make the fog lights work when the headlights are on

Anyway this is one of the very minor tweaks that Chevy missed, but no one is perfect and this is gonna be a great car.

Good Job Chevy!!!
GM didn't miss anything IMHO, I'm sure this was quite intentional. The halos replace the fogs as DL's when the headlights are off but halos are on. The fogs are not HID, the headlights are and the halos match the color of the HID's, the fogs don't match the color of them. It's set up that way so the colors don't mismatch.

I also plan on modding it to work with both, but only after I have some HID's in the fog lights or at very least some brighter & color appropriate bulbs in them.

Now it would have been better if it came from the factory with matching fog lights, but that would have cost more and not anywhere near as many people would be willing to pay more for that, most only care about the main HID's.
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