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Originally Posted by Number 3 View Post
Well first, I arranged for Number 3 to be taken back to our Service Technology Garage at the Warren Tech Center. Not to plug anyone but Von's towing, in the photo below took great care with the car. The owner actually came out to help which is why you see two trucks.

It turns out the thieves damaged the front fascia when jacking from odd points using jacks from 4 different manufacturers. The Range Rover jack was badly bent so it appears the intent may have been to leave the car on the jacks and it simply fell off.

No word on any other damage, but they said for sure not this week and probably more like two weeks out of commision. By that point Number 3 will have served the 6 month rotation in the CTF.

So Number 3 may finish the season on Injured Reserve. Lets hope for a quick comeback.

So now I have this loaner car, an Impala SS, so I'm thinking am I disaster proof or would these idiots jack Impala SS wheels? Oh well, garage tonight, but I am feeling somehow like I let them win if I can't even park a car in my own driveway.

Nice Photoshops by the way.
The picture of the flatbed made me tear up a bit...
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