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Originally Posted by PQ View Post
So you are worried that they will be kept by the dealer?

I admit I'm a little confused here.
Yes, at the moment the 21-inch wheels are keep by the car dealer until i haven't an official document that prove the technical data or those wheels are for the 2012 camaro.

at the moment i'm driving with the 20-inch wheels, but at the begin my idea was for summer time use the 21-inch and winter time the 20-inch with winter tyres

If i will drive with the 21-inch wheels and i will have an accident then the insurance (my or the other people) can refuse to pay because the document car doesn't display that the 21-inch wheel can be mount on it

and if the police will check my car on the road and they will see that the 21-inch wheels aren't display on the documents they can confiscate it for security reason

so until i haven't any technical data or a prove that i can mount those wheels on my camaro i can't drive with the 21-inch wheels

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