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They're not going to put a V6 of any kind in a car with the name Z/28 on it; these guys are car enthusiasts, not corporate suits from accounting. They know what the Z/28 was and they know what it needs to be.

The Z/28 was never about horsepower; it wasn't a drag racer. It was a Can-Am challenger to take on the Boss 302 on the great road courses of the day. The 1LE option on an SS gives you a clue of the direction they're going to go in with the next Z/28. They're learning on the models they've already released. The ZL1 is a suspension wonder-car; it shows what can be done with handling using that magnetic suspension technology, but it's too heavy to be a Z/28 which is probably why they didn't give it that name. The 1LE shows how they're looking at the drivetrain; not just the suspension. They're learning; studying; developing; experimenting. You can see it with these special releases. Look at what the COPO Camaro can do right out of the box.

The car they actually feel is worth being called a Z/28 is going to be a game changer. Can't wait to see what they come up with.

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