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Originally Posted by Doc View Post
It was attached to the legendary racing team of Roger Penske and Mark Donohue. It was a high-profile winner. Chevy specifically built it to compete in the Can-Am; it wasn't a regular street car that somebody took and started racing with it. They built the street legal versions so they could claim it was a production model and thus be qualified to run in the Can-Am.

It was a very special model for a very special purpose; one that brought Chevy racing prestige and glory; it put the bow tie in the winner's circle in a very tough and competitive series. When you saw a Camaro on the street with Z/28 on the side it had instant respect... so much so in fact that adding a "Z" to a name became fashionable to try and grab some of that glory and respect.

If you aren't old enough to remember or know, then you probably wouldn't understand. Just take it from those of us who are old enough; it's a big deal.
Yup.Your right ,never heard of the Can-Am. I meant for the 5th gen though,I don't see it happening like everyone else says,no room with SS,ZL1 and 1LE,but what if ,like I posted before 427N/A,LS7.Expensive but I think people would buy.Anyway didn't mean any disrespect to everyone who is planning to race in the Can-Am when they do make a Z/28
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