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I've been a auto mehcanic since the 80's and have learned one thing. When you buy parts for your automobile they never charge list price, so it looks like you're getting a better deal. I think sometimes they just pick a price out of a hat and say that this is the list price and then knock off some so you think you're getting a deal. I personally like to price shop because of that. But so far I haven't found any better than MaureenM@Rodgerschevrolet , fast free shipping and like I said best price. Just keep her in mind if, god forbid, you need to replace something.

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Good to know. I'll keep that in mind!

BTW I was never trying to promote GMPD or any reseller. I was only using GMPD because they will show the list price. I just used GMPD as a convenient way to see if the wheels were available anywhere yet and had prices on them. I'm sure there are better deals out there for sources that won't charge so much shipping.
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