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Originally Posted by Nick S View Post
They are only exclusive to the ZL1 if GM denies people from ordering them through the parts department.

So to me the exclusivity of them is not what you are paying more for. When the black wheels first came out on the 2012 ZL1 they were also exclusive to only the ZL1 for that production year. I think GM is banking on the assumption that more people would choose to upgrade to the bright aluminum for the looks so they could make more money by selling those as the "up charge" option on the car.

Right, But the silver ones have ZL1 engraved on them and the black ones just say Camaro....
It would look stupid to put the silver ones on an SS for example.

Also, the tires are damn expensive - about $2,000 installed for all 4. So new wheels and tires will take you to about $4,500.

I actually bought the wheel/tire warranty package from the dealer for $500 for 5 years I believe.
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