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Originally Posted by Number 3 View Post
Folks, I have to post a follow-up to this. First, Number 3 is out of commission for the near term. Number 3 has been pulled from my care. The repairs and part procurement will take too long. Number 3 has served us for 15,000 trouble free miles. What an outstanding automobile and I am so very glad to have been able to share the experiences with Number 3 with all of you at Camaro5 over the past 5 months. This has been a real treat for me.

However, there is apparently a contingent that somehow has interpreted the fact that I parked the car in my safe for everyday I've lived there driveway and accidentally (maybe) left the car unlocked that somehow I am not appreciative of the company car program that has allowed me to drive, review and pass along to you the experience and pleasures of Number 3.

First, if you think parking a car in your driveway is somehow negligent behavior then you have little faith in mankind or you live in a bad neighborhood. I and my neighbors park our cars in our driveways frequently and up to now, without incident.

If the car was unlocked, and I suspect it was unlocked because these idiots probably couldn't have opened the trunk without setting the alarm off, the only thing it cost was my personal property, which I didn't detail because what this site cares about is the Camaro, so that's what I shared. If you read the posts carefully you would have picked up they already had enough jacks on hand to take the wheels. The unlocked part cost me my stuff, not GM.

Did I need to post how bad I truly felt for you to get it? Did I need to post that my wife was crying over this for you to understand the impact of this theft to us? Do I need to tell you that I feel as violated as if it were my car or one of my motorcycles or any of my own property for you to understand what I felt? Did I need to go on about how stupid I felt for not making sure the car was locked to get my point across?

I apologize to anyone who interpreted this post as taking Number 3 for granted. If you knew me you would be embarrassed for thinking so. But since you don't, let me go further. My wife was terminated from GM in the last go around. This has been far more traumatic for us than the theft of the wheels. So I don't take my employment at GM for granted and I certainly don't take the privilege of driving a company car for granted. And you can take that to the bank.

There, I'm done.
- we understand. That sucks. I would hope that whomever may have misinterpreted your posts does enough due dilligence to perhaps read your history on this forum. It would prove you're exactly the opposite of what they think.

Either way, I say THANK YOU, for everything you've contributed to this community throughout your time with Number3, we certainly know you never took 3 for granted!
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