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Pfadt Race Engineering | ZL Spec Sways | Free Shipping*!

2010-2014 Camaro V6/Camaro SS V8 - Pfadt - ZL Spec Sway Bars

With the release of the 2012 Camaro FE4/ZL1 suspension packages Pfadt knew they could offer another big step forward in the balance of these cars. The result of the change is Pfadt's new ZL Spec Sway Bar Package! Pfadt has wanted to decrease body roll even over the previous bar packages, and the revised FE4 sway bar geometry has allowed them to build the bar package they've always wanted to build. With the 2012 Camaro, GM revised the sway bar pick up points and they are now outside of the rear shock, rather than inside like on the older 2010/2011. This allowed Pfadt to revisit what's really important in a street and competition ready sway bar package, Pfadt's primary goals were:

Significant decrease in body roll, without big impacts to ride quality.
Improved balance
Adjustable front and rear bar for those who want to get the best performance out of their cars
Easy Installation
Best materials and engineering available on the market
Being both lighter and stronger than the factory sway bars

Pfadt's ZL Spec FE4/ZL1 sway bars share the same great features you would come to expect from a Pfadt Race Engineering product. They feature high strength, hollow chromoly tube design with their specially designed bar ends. The hollow bar design allows Pfadt to keep weight down without impact to strength or longevity, and the specially designed precision machined bar ends finally allow for an adjustable FE4/ZL1 rear sway bar that can still reuse your factory FE4/ZL1 rear endlinks.

While significantly increasing bar stiffness they've still managed to lose 6lbs of weight off the rear sway bar, and a little over 1lb off of the front bar. Being lighter and stronger to make you faster is what the new ZL Spec sway bar package is all about!

The development of Pfadt's ZL Spec sway bars have been long coming, but the results are absolutely worth it. After designing their sway bars specifically for the Camaro using the latest CAD technology they turned their attention to fabricating parts for their own Pfadt RingSpec Camaro as well as their shop ZL1. Using CAD Data to model all of their parts ensures that these sway bars will fit both the 2010-2012 cars with the traditional belt driven power steering pump, as well as the 2012 ZL1 and upcoming 2013+ cars which use the Electric power steering system. Adjustable or differing length rear endlinks are not necessary with this design because the shape of the rear bar prevents contact throughout the entire suspension articulation range. The rear bar is designed specifically around the factory rear endlink, because they know everyone with an FE4 or ZL1 car already has factory endlinks! The sway bars also work flawlessly with the ZL1 Magnetic Ride suspension system with no tuning or re calibration necessary. One important note is that some 2012+ SS models will need a Front only endlink upgrade to either the stock ZL1 endlinks or aftermarket which are also available through JDP Motorsports.

What can you expect after installing the ZL Spec sways? Track manners are significantly improved, as well as overall balance and initial turn-in response. With the introduction of an adjustable front and rear sway bar these bars can be tuned to be just as effective with race tires as they can with street tires.

A really important key to the ZL Spec package is the adjustable front and rear bars. For the first time you can purchase an FE4/ZL1 specific sway bar package that not only provides you with the decrease in body roll you're looking for, but also the flexibility you want if you're running different tire compounds or tuning for balance. You can increase or decrease front bar stiffness to tune turn response, and adjust the rear bar to impact the overall balance of the car from understeer to neutral or oversteer. Adjustments are extremely simple with the Quick Switch technology implemented into the rear sway bar... simply loosen the rear endlinks and slide the endlink into the new position, then tighten the endlink again and the adjustment is finished. Front bar adjustments are made by positioning the endlink stud into traditional holes machined into the front sway bar ends. This is the first time since the introduction of Pfadt's FE3 Race sway bars that they have offered both an adjustable front AND rear bar in one package.

Do you have an older Camaro that you're looking to get the most out of? We also have folks with 2010 and 2011 cars covered as well. Package deals are available that include an upgrade to the newest rear lower control arm to allow these bars to be bolted right up. The installation of the new GM rear lower control arm is simple, and a lot of the work overlaps if you're installing sway bars anyway. These kits include required OEM GM Rear Lower Control Arms, two new style OEM Rear Endlinks and the required Pfadt Heavy Duty endlinks to complete your FE4 upgrade.

Lastly sway bars are a very simple install that can be performed by either the seasoned Camaro performance shop, or the garage mechanic with proper hand tools. Sway bars require no alignment after installation and will immediately make a big difference in the handling of your Camaro. They are definitely first on our list of mods to be made for anyone looking to improve the handling of their cars!

Front sway bar with adjustable ends

Adjustable front sway bar on the left, adjustable rear sway bar on the right.

Adjustable rear bar end.

Welded on locating rings, poly bushings and brackets

Price $525 Shipped for the Base Package**
**Gift Cards from $50-$75 with Purchase**

Please feel free to call, email or PM me anytime with questions. We have hands on set up experience with every product we sell and we can help you choose the best products to help you achieve your goals! We appreciate the support and have a great day!

Kind regards,

Jordan Priestley

Click HERE to send me a PM | | | 801-545-4215

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