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Originally Posted by Nailn it View Post
I'm a roofing contractor and have a shop in Wilmington, NC. Today I meet the new tenant of the shop that is adjacent to mine. I asked him what he did and he invtied me over to look at some of his work, turns out he makes carbon fiber parts for porsche's . The kid is amazing, I couldn't believe some of the stuff he was fabricating. Turns out he has a couple Porsche in his shop wih custom Carbon Fiber parts all over them. I showed him my car and asked him about the rock chips starting to form at the Gills because of rocks(he also paints) then I had a thought, some custom carbon fiber flares would be sick. I'm not a fan of any aftermarket ones I've ever seen. Gaudy, ugly and way too big. I asked him about it and he got excited (kid really loves what he does) I talked him into fabricating me some up. The flare is going to follow the lines of the car. It's going to have the same profile of the wheel well and ground effect panel. There's even to scew holes in the perfect spot to mount them. Made a cardboard template, it's going to be sick. Hes going to have a mold so I'll post some pics. He's leaving town for 5 days . I'll post some pics when they get done.
you know if this comes to fruition, this kids gonna make a mint off of us? may want to throw that out to him to see if he wants to make some
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