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Originally Posted by MacMulkin View Post

Congrats on the new "toy"!! Just in case it comes soon (or if it does not) the East Coast Camaro Club is having its yearly ALL Car show at MacMulkin Chevy on 23 August. I'm SURE there will be a few new Camaros there for the show. You could bring yours up if it is here or come and check out a few other new ones.

Please contact Michelle or 978-858-3988 if you would like to pre-register ANY vehicle or to get more information.

Oh Cool! Thanks for posting that !
Always like to go see a car show that's not far away!

I guess being an "ALL Car" show it's not just Camaro's or Chevies?
But where are all these cars going to be? In the Dealer lot?
My hubby knows where MacMulkin Chevrolet is as he purchased a Brand New 1985 Monte Carlo SS from there. He wishes he still had it!

He drives by there at least twice a week on his lunch break at night (2nd Shift) and it looks pretty full of cars already! Where are they going to put them!
But he didn't see any new Camaro's there,Well in the lower Showroom or out front anyway.

But cool there will be a Car show either way!

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