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Since the Camaro will come factory with remote start do we have to get a system that has remote start too or can we still use the factory system?

Reason I ask is because if you have to get an alarm system with remote start then you will have to carry 3 key fobs with you at all times if you want to use any of the extra features as the LCD 2 way fob in the system you linked only comes with 2 buttons (arm and disarm). Plus after looking at a lot of reviews, the Viper remote start system absolutely s*cks.

Personally I was looking at buying this one.

It does not include the crappy Viper remote start system, the LCD key fob has all 5 buttons so you can use all the extra features without having to carry an additional key fob like you would have to with the 5901, comes with the anti-carjacking technology that the 5901 does not have and is $200 cheaper. The downside that I can see is that it doesn't have the 1 mile range that the 5901 has but this range is based on unobstructed view with the car so if you are indoors or buildings obstruct your line of sight, the range is about the same.
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