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650HP soon to come
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if I've been signed up (without my knowledge ) I expect full membership package with stickers!!! I need those extra HP

If we need shirts or anything done up, I have a guy in middlesex who has a print shop and can get us shirts, hoodies and other stuffs.

This is what he made for the truck club I was in:
Order #: VBBDZ1
2017 Camaro ZL1
Hyper Blue Metallic
A10, PDR, NAV, Premium floor mats

Ordered: 12/26/16 4200 Status: 4/18/17 CSX rail car
2000 Status: 2/14/17 4800 Status: 4/22/17 Twin Oaks PA
3000 Status: 2/20/17 TPW 3/27/17
3300 Status: 3/10/17
3400 Status: 3/14/17
4300 Status: 3/31/17 1G1FK1R6XH0197555
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