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Originally Posted by SonomaJohn View Post
Since someone resurrected this thread I thought I will give a personal update after having the car a month. I have adjusted to the hill start assist (since I can't disable it ) and we are getting along fine. I have finally broken my old habits and now leisurely wait the couple of seconds and take off gracefully from the stop. Sometimes I get in a little bit of a hurry and try to take off early and notice that the engine just bogs down so I wait a little longer and all is well. I haven't had anyone honk at me for my slow starts even though I think some were about to. Basically, if you can't beat them, join them. I can't believe how mellow I have gotten in my old age!
This just makes no sense whatsoever. the point of "hill assist" should be to stop rolling back if you take your foot off the brake AND ARE NOT DEPRESSING THE ACCELERATOR. Once pressing the accelerator, if it does not release the brake, it just became incredibly lame, and potentially dangerous. Can we not get someone from GM (who knows) to respond to this? Crike, I was about to order a 2013 manual, why must there always be some problem?
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