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Originally Posted by JusticePete View Post
1. If GM builds the best 6th Gen they can based on GM powertrain and chassis technology they need not pay any attention to what Ford or any other company does. GM should lead and not follow.

2. The Z/28 does not need to turn a profit. It needs to move iron and not lose money. If the Z/28 can keep the utilization above the magical BE in the final year of production the line makes money even if the car doesn't.
Pete, we stand behind those ideas, no doubt. But is there the will within to do so, because they can, or will it be a cost versus effort situation? I'm for the "show 'em what we can do" philosophy, like I perceive you to be as well. But, since the General is on the move with cafe and restructuring on the event horizon, can the Team again be given the opportunity, resources, and decision making to carry on and bring in the Z/28 that we have been clamoring for? It's there for the taking. We believe it can be done. In the end, it's up to the powers to be.
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