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Originally Posted by DanSS24 View Post
I'm kinda curious. I know that the Chevy engineers fixed the dreaded understeer of the SS with the 1LE package. What I want to know, being that most enthusiast will mod their motors, is will this 1LE package be able to handle higher horsepower, say between 500 and 550 hp? or Will we have to upgrade some suspension parts again? Being an enthusiast is a never ending journey.
The 1LE will handle those HP numbers better than the SS bone stock. But if you want a better handler there is room left in the 1LE. We will have to wait and see if the 1LE has SS level Wheel hop. The tighter bushings should make it a little better at least.

What I am hearing the 1LE can benefit from the same improvements as the ZL1. Cradle and differential bushings will tighten up the rear and minimize "Step out". Radius rod inserts will tighten up the steering. A beefier rear sway bar will completely eliminate the little bit of understeer left in the 1LE. (However once you do this you will have to relearn how to take curves quickly.) If you don't mind occasional scraping, add lowering springs to lower the center of gravity. And don't forget a track oriented alignment. If you do most of the work yourself all this will not be terribly expensive.

And then there is the motor. Just with bolt-ons you can add 50 HP easy. Getting an LS3 above 500 crank HP however, you will need bolt-ons and a cam. Just like all Camaros the 1LE will beg for modding. Do all of the above and will need not fear the LS7 HP Camaro if it ever sees the light of day. Of course if the LS7 guy mods then you are back at a disadvantage. The game never ends.

Although I do not want to spend the $$ to buy another Camaro, I sure wish the 1LE was around when I was buying. It seems to me if you like all around fast cars the 1LE is the best bang for the buck of any car.
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