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Build Thread for Big Blue

Hey guys! I got my Camaro this past June, and just to let you know a bit about myself, here is a little backstory!

So, I am 18 years old, and the youngest of three girls! I got it as a graduation present, for when I graduated high school. My dad made a deal with my sisters and I that if we had a job, where going to college, and had good grades in high school, that he would buy us, or help us buy a car. My oldest sister got a Nissan Sentra when she graduated in 2008, my middle sister got a Toyota Corolla when she gradated in 2009, and when it was time for me to graduate in 2012, I knew that a Toyota or a Nissan wasn’t going to cut it for me.

I have always been obsessed with cars, bikes, really anything with a motor. I have been racing motocross since I was 6 years old, and I really wanted a car that I would enjoy, not just something that I was going to drive to and from school. At first, I considered getting a truck, because I wanted something that I could use to haul my bikes to and from the track, but after test-driving some, I quickly decided against it. The Camaro was always my top choice, but for the longest time, my dad wouldn’t even consider it. After a few months, a lot of research, and a ton of persuading, I finally convinced my dad to allow me to get a Camaro, but the deal was I had to pay for a portion of, and I quickly agreed!

I originally wanted a Yellow 2012 LS, and my mind was pretty set on this. Then, one day my dad and I decided on a fluke to go look at pre-owned Camaros at the local Chevy dealership, and there is where I found my dream Camaro! It was on display in front of the dealership, and right when I saw it, I knew that that was the car I wanted. My dad and I left that day empty handed, because my dad said it was too early to buy, and he wanted to wait until after my graduation. Weeks went by, and I thought that my chance to buy my dream Camaro had come and gone, but as it turns out, my dad went back to the dealership that day to buy it! Then, the day after my graduation, my dream Camaro was sitting in my front yard! It was definitely a huge surprise, and there is nothing better than seeing my Camaro parked in front of my house everyday!

I am loving every minute of owning my Camaro, and I have a lot of mods planned! I am new to modding, and so I am going to take the process slow, going one step at a time and I am learning as I go. If anyone has any comments, tips, suggestions, or just wants to say hello, don't hestitate to leave a comment or PM me I will keep this build thread updated with mods as I complete them! Thanks for checking out my thread, and thanks for reading this long intro!

Most recent picture as of 7/31/13
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Here is what blue looked like the day I first saw it at the dealership! After my dad bought it, he kept it at the dealership for close to a month because he was keeping it a secret until after I graduated. Once my dad picked up to bring it home, the dealer said that so many people wanted to buy it that they had to move it to the back, where no one could see it!
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Completed Mods:

- Dye Leather Stitching Blue
- AAC Blue Overhead Lighting
- GM "Camaro" Rubber Cargo Mat
- "RS" embroidered headrest
- Hydro-Coated Aluminum Paddle Shifters
- Iottie Iphone Mount
- AAC Blue Trunk Lighting
- Brushed Aluminum Cup Holder Trim
- Emblempros Custom "Camaro RS" Dash Emblem
- Leather E-Brake Boot
- GM "Camaro" Door Sill
- Blue Aluminum Racing Pedals
- Speaker Trim
- Cargo Net
- "Camaro RS" Lloyd's Mats
- Emblempros Custom "RS" Kick Plates
- Heads up Display
- 2012 Dash
- Blue Front Footwell Lights
- Blue Rear Footwell Lights
- Hurst Comp Shift Plate
- Hardwired USB Port
- Cup Holder Lighting (Ice Blue)

- Window Tint
- Blue LED License Plate Lights
- "Camaro" Rear Trunk Emblem
- Red Painted Break Calipers
- SIM Rally Stripes
- SIM Hash Marks
- SIM Gill Decals
- GM nickel Fuel door (Custom Painted)
- Custom Painted Bowties
- GFX Body Kit
- "Camaro RS" License Plate Frame
- Locking Gas Cap
- Custom Painted Center Wheel Caps
- IBM Painted Antenna
- AAC Tinted Side markers
- SIM Painted Tail Light Bezels
- SIM Painted "CAMARO" Fender Emblems
- Heritage Grille (Painted IBM)

Under the Hood/Performance:
- Custom Painted Engine Cover
- RX Catch Can (Painted IBM)
- RX Oil Breather Cap (Painted IBM)
- Custom painted Fuse Box Cover
- Cold Air Inductions CAI (Painted IBM and SIM)
- SIM Painted Dipstick
- SIM Painted Battery Terminal Cover
- BMR 1.2" Lowering Springs

Current Mods I'm working on

- Anvil Spoiler (Ordered- Delivery Expected soon)
- Aggressor 2 Front Fascia (Delivered! Waiting to be installed)

Here is my current completed mod list! I will keep posting stuff as I complete them, as I have a lot of mods ahead of me!

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