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To the title of this thread and as far as my wife and I are concerned, such systems are needless and represent a clear step back.
Of our 90 years combined driving experience, the last 80 have been all but exclusively with manual transmission cars. Plenty of basis for opinion.

Originally Posted by K32 Camaro View Post
Terrible idea.. Why not just buy an auto if that is a real concern?
Because for some people, stepping down to an automatic transmission is a deal-breaker all by itself. Even if you like everything else about the car.

On more than one occasion, my wife and I have eliminated otherwise very good cars from consideration over their unavailability with manual transmission. This'll probably happen again.

Her 2010 Legacy 2.5GT (6MT) has a similar hill-hold feature, but at least Subaru left it up to the driver to activate the system by conscious choice. Neither of us has ever have turned it on other than from accidentally hitting its switch instead of one of the other nearby switches that we meant to hit instead. Probably never will choose to use it. Cars never needed to and simply shouldn't have to work that way.

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