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Talking Camaro5's Pfadt Forum Authorized Dealer (Pfad)- APEX Motorsports

Apex Motorsports is proud to Camaro5's Pfadt Forum Authorized Dealer (PFAD) status. This designation is a new program that Pfadt has created for authorized dealers/distributors that stand out from the pack by providing outstanding technical and product support to the online enthusiast communities. We would like to thank Pfadt not only for their stamp of approval but for also providing outstanding products for us to offer our customers. Thanks to our customers as well who have helped us become Camaro5's #1 source for Pfadt Race Engineering products.

Originally Posted by PfadtRacing View Post
If it were me, I would take a moment to contact Chase. I'm sure that through his years of experience with the Camaro he's seen just about every combination of parts imaginable. He's one of our most reputable dealers and can get a setup that will perform flawlessly for your needs.

Pfadt V6/SS/ZL1 Lowering Spings: $300 SHIPPED

Pfadt Race Engineering offers the ultimate solution for lowering your Camaro. These drop springs are engineered to provide the lowered look you want and the ride quality you demand. With Pfadt's engineering approach and track testing, you can rest assured that your Pfadt Drop Springs are going to last. They use only the highest quality steel and the latest manufacturing technology. Pfadt Lowering Springs have been engineered to optimize the factory damping with a 1 to 1.25 drop and increased spring rate. Lower your Camaro more than 1.25 inches and you'll find that the factory dampers no longer work properly, resulting in a bouncy ride.

Pfadt Drop Springs Feature:
  • Engineered to optimize the factory shock absorber damping
  • 1 to 1.25 inches of drop for the correct relation between looks and proper function
  • Engineering design and race testing ensures the ultimate in quality and longevity
  • Powder coated gloss silver for unbeatable looks and durability
  • Made in the USA

Originally Posted by Captain McFunk View Post
Hey guys, I just bought my Pfadt drop springs from Chase at Apex. They are awesome. The instructions are some of the best I've seen yet. Awesome product, no squeeks, and the perfect drop.

Originally Posted by fargomike View Post
Ordered my Pfadt springs from Apex , great price and we recieved them very quick , A++++ service .
Originally Posted by BigBOSS View Post
Chase I am truly impressed! Ordered my Pfadt drop springs Sunday night and got them early Wednesday morning! A truly unexpected delivery which made my day!

Now to find a time to throw them on!

Thanks again, I am VERY impressed!!
Originally Posted by Snakestang65 View Post
First off, many thanks to Chase at Apex! I ordered a set of the Pfadt springs from Apex and they were out for delivery that same day! They came in yesterday evening. The install was not difficult, the 2 most time consuming events of the install was getting the car off the ground and removing the sway bar end links. Goofing around (taking my time) I had the entire job done including cleanup in about 3.5 hours... Took the car in this morning for an alignment and just got back from the test drive...

I cannot say enough good things about the way the car handles now!! I wish I would have done this months ago! The ride is not quite as compliant as prior, but it is not rough by any means. Just a bit firmer... The car does not feel quite as heavy as it did with the stock springs. Cornering is nice and flat. I cannot say enough good stuff about the engineering that Pfadt has put into these springs! The drop height and ride is perfect.

Many thanks again to Chase and Victoria at Apex!

Pfadt, you have a great product!

Originally Posted by khislop007 View Post
Got my Pfadt lowering springs thanks to Chase @ Apex Motorsports. Did a self-install yesterday and was pretty easy. Any body can do it as long as you have a T50 torx wrench.....had to run into work to pick one up

Now the car handles like how it should.....feels like as if it were on rails and I don't know if its me or not, but I think it has a better ride quality than the stock bounce or pounding at all!!! I'd recommend these to anybody looking a good set of lowering springs....Pfadt nailed it on this one!!
khislop007's Camaro BEFORE Pfadt lowering springs:

khislop007's Camaro AFTER Pfadt lowering springs:

Pfadt 2012+ ZL Spec Sway Bars: $525 SHIPPED

Pfadt 2010-2011 Adjustable Sport Sway Bars: $425SHIPPED

Originally Posted by garcmol View Post
I think the car just came to life! Stance, and handling is greatly improved and NO sacrifice for ride comfort. I couldn't believe the difference in size from the stock sway bars. They look tiny compared to the Pfadt sways. Thanks Chase!
Originally Posted by SCPO/SS View Post

Got the PFDAT swaybars installed and they are great. Thanks for the great customer service!!!!
Install Pfadt Sway Bars on your Camaro and you'll immediately feel more planted and in control! Pfadt built their reputation on engineering well-balanced, performance minded suspension products and their sway bars hit epitomize this.

Made in the USA of high strength steel, these bars provide the proper rate of stiffness and balance. The sway bars will inspire confidence and keep you planted for the ultimate driving experience.

Under-steer and the 5th Gen Camaro

The Pfadt Camaro sway bars required major engineering changes from the factory bar package to eliminate the notorious under-steer. Basic vehicle dynamics say that to eliminate under-steer you must increase the roll stiffness in the rear of the car - this rear bar does exactly that. That's how they achieve such great balance. If a sway bar package offers huge increases in the stiffness of the front bar, your Camaro is going to suffer from increased under-steer compared to the OEM sway bars!

The video below highlights some of the on-car testing that went into these sway bars. This video is a demo to show how much you can affect the balance of the car with sway bar changes. The day this video was shot, Pfadt tested several packages which is a critical part of proving their engineering before building the product.

CLICK HERE to check out Pfadt suspension packages and the rest of the full Pfadt Race Engineering product line at APEX Motorsports.

Not sure exactly what you need? Have questions? Looking for a custom package? The team at APEX Motorsports is here to help! Give us a call at (502)930-APEX, send us an email, or just send me a PM.

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