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Originally Posted by Nick S View Post
I am still debating on trading in my 2011 SS for a 1LE. I'd like to order my 5th gen since I have never ordered any of my cars outright. I found my 2011 SGM used so I had to accept a few options I would not have ordered (Sun Roof mainly).
If you think you are smiling now...wait unitl you drive it home!! Then as everyone says the Permagrin takes hold!!
Haha yeah, I'm sure driving it home is gonna be awesome

Originally Posted by Bad@ssCamaro View Post
Really stoked for you bro, cause I've been in the same boat except I still have to wait another 6 months to put in my order(enough of a down payment) and I'm going to order the exact same order as you have Looking forward to hearing your progress in the coming months.
Thanks! I'll definitely keep everyone posted on my progress!

Originally Posted by PYROLYSIS View Post
Congrats. Looking foward to seeing a CRT 1LE. Should look pretty awesome.
Me too!

Originally Posted by 1LEE View Post

and I thought I had a long wait

Post pics when you get it.
Don't worry, there will be a LOT of pictures uploaded when she first gets home haha

Originally Posted by numbr3t View Post
Awesome, that's the car I want soooo bad. Whats the price on that? I'm going to hurry up and pay my truck off so I can get one.
Before NJ state taxes, it was a little under $42k

Originally Posted by SUKXOST View Post
Unlike the OP I've never been crazed over buying the Gen5 Camaro. It's gown on me a little at a time over the years and as soon as I saw the 1LE...I was intrigued. Further research as it was released made me commit and get all giddy like a little girl :P

Congrats OP! Love your excitement. The last couple of days before delivery are going to be absolutely sleepless!
Thanks! And last night was pretty sleepless too because of the adrenaline and excitement for finally getting this order in haha! I'm sure I'll have a lot of those nights within the next few months though.

Thanks again, everyone!
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