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Originally Posted by eco View Post
I took delivery before I read this post and quickly went out to see if the spacers were in the springs. They were. I took it back and the dealer removed them. When I got home, it no longer had the clearance I needed to get into my driveway. It's in the garage and haven't had it out since (almost 2-weeks ago.) I'm ripping out the driveway and replacing it this week to change the grade. I can't get it out until I fix the approach and it's killing me! I put 100-miles on it and it's been sitting since. But if I hadn't seen this post with the bulletin, I would not have known about the spacers or the break-in instructions! Thanks for the crucial info! Luckily I had planned on a similar break-in to the bulletin and had been taking it easy.
A couple of 2x12's and i'd have that thing out for some fun!
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