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I've NEVER used a leaf blower.

When I'm finishing washing, I;

1. Remove the nozzle and let the water pour from the hose to rinse - water "cascades" away, leaving less drying.

2. Get car in garage asap.

Use (1) 'Fieldcrest' "CHARISMA', white, 100% cotton towel, opened up, and gently pull across to remove excess water.

Use (1) (same as above) to remove any remaining wter.

Use a good quality bath towel to dry door jambs, trunk/hatch area, and under hood, followed by drying under rear/front bumpers, and finally below door jambs.

3. Use 'Rigid' shop vac to remove water from inside of mirrors, around side marker lights, and from between any body gaps, being very careful NOT to allow hose to touch paint surface.

4. Clean windows, apply tire dressing, etc., ending with a shot of Zaino Z-6.
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