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Originally Posted by Bad@ssCamaro View Post
Well it's a good thing that you haven't read his article back in February about the ZL1, because you would probably be on the list for a ZL1 instead.

Mr. Wyndham is without a doubt a very accomplished writer that is able to convey the story which enthusiasts here on this forum can relate to and put his reader there with him when he is behind the wheel.

I have to say that this article was very well written, but the one he did for the ZL1 was much more in-depth and probably inspired many, many people to get there beloved ZL1. I for one had wanted one(and still do), but am going to purchase a 1LE as a starting point. Congrats on your decision in getting the 1LE
Ha! Thanks for the kind words!

There's no doubt - back in March, the ZL1 simply blew my mind. It still does...and when I wrote that piece back then, my fingers couldn't move fast enough. The 1LE is nearly as good, but has a different feel to it. Essentially, they took the best of the ZL1 and the SS and mushed them together. The result is an ridiculously fun car to drive fast at a fraction of the cost of, say a ZL1...

So if you're all about enjoying the driving experience, and you DO plan to take the car to a track day now and again - I'd recommend a 1LE over the ZL1 unless you'd miss the nuclear power and techno-wizardry of that car.

Personally, as fun as the power of the ZL1 is (and it is!!), with a more civil 426hp (Can't believe I just said that...), it makes the 1LE feel more fun around a road course and in the bends, because the speeds are less terrifying - which translates to feeling more in control behind the wheel.

Either way, both are amazing versions of the 5th gen Camaro...both clearly at the top of their class.
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