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Originally Posted by caverman View Post
Any info about using a different metal than what the factory exhaust is? Do muffler shops usually carry the same type of material (not sure what it is) as the factory exhaust? That would be my only concern. Would the different metals really cause a problem.

Did you use the factory tips or have different ones put on? Any pics you can give as well?

Just out of curiousity what did you have to pay. Not that I think $200 is high....I would pay $200 in a heartbeat over the $1,500 Corsa wants for their cat back system (which from what I've heard in the videos doesn't sound any better).

Thanks for all the feedback. This is all great stuff. I would much rather put the money difference for an Air Filter or Headers or High-Flow Cats.
I had the shop use 409 stainless 2.5" pipe, with stainless wire for the welds.
I used the factory tips.
I agreed to time and material with the shop. Since this was the first 2010 Camaro they had even touched, they took their time. They spent a lot of time with centering the tips. I paid $300.
It's been raining here for several days, but I'll try to get some pics up soon.
I'm very particular with these things and IMO Larry's (2010 SS RS) tips are perfect. Mine are slightly off, but it was late and we were all tired. The shop has promised to make it right if it really bugs me. But we'll see. I've asked a few people to look at it and most just say.."What did you do? It looks the same."

I can't go on enough about the sound. It sounds really really good.
The full cat-backs may pick up a few extra ponies, I dunno.
If you are doing LT's and high-flow cats it might get a bit obnoxious, but stock it's perfect.
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