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Originally Posted by BowtieBelle View Post
May want to check with bossbunny. Her Camaro's floor got flooded. Usually the insurance will just total them because of the wiring issue but hers was deemed to be okay and there was a process to replace the carpet and whatnot.
I agree, you need to have someone (besides that dealer) look at it.

If it was just a an inch or two of water in the floor board, then you might just need a good cleaning (worst case, carpet replaced).

The wires in your picture being exposed are not too bad to worry about.
But if water got into any connections, then it could get bad.
Was the water deep enough to get into the electric seat motors?

I would be rather firm with the dealer that you want all carpet and padding replaced.

How did the water get in there? Someone leave the windows down, or is there a leak?
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