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Originally Posted by pyr0b0y View Post
Got the Ozmo carbon fiber intake installed over this past week. We ran into a couple issues, but nothing big. The intake tube needed to be modified a tad because the TB sticks out a little further than stock; nothing a little welding cant help! We also switched from the red aeromotive fuel rails to polished fuel rails for a cleaner look.

I was able to do a lot myself, taking off the intake, swapping injectors, and reconnecting the fuel rails and system up.

All I can say about the intake! looks freaking awesome in my engine bay!

Once I get some time, the heads will be coming off as well as the valley cover, so I can polish them to a shine to match the runners!

Here's a couple pictures of the install and what it looks like right now.

Removing the stock intake manifold

Modifiying the intake pipe

Finished product.....sorta!

From the last picture, a small part of the tube is hitting the hood. I will be taking off a little more of the intake tube on the bottom so hopefully it won't rub anymore. I will also be taking off the intake tube, removing the powercoating, and polishing it myself for a cleaner look.
Damn that shit looks shexy!

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