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Originally Posted by Steeler NY View Post
Does abybody find it odd that a CAMARO cost $200,000 in china???

Good job on on the hot looking car!
Originally Posted by nUcLeArEnVoY View Post
WTF, why is the Camaro that expensive over there? Get this kid a Camaro! That Cruze is pretty sweet, though. Next best thing, I suppose when the Camaro is that pricey over there.
Originally Posted by Nova65 View Post
If Camaro's are worth $200k in China, I would gladly sell my car !
Has to do with Exchange rate 1 us dollar = 6.83318 Chinese Yuan Renminbi.

So with that said They would cost as follows....

Camaro LS $23,040 USD = $157,436 Chinese Yuan Renminbi
Camaro 1LT $24,675 USD = $168,609 Chinese Yuan Renminbi
Camaro 2LT $27,375 USD = $187,058 Chinese Yuan Renminbi
Camaro 1SS $31,040 USD = $212,102 Chinese Yuan Renminbi
Camaro 2SS $34,225 USD = $233,866 Chinese Yuan Renminbi
Plus import tariffs I'm sure.

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