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Guys im having a problem with my radio!!! So I changed out all the LEDs to blue and I plugged it in to see if all the lights lit up, they all did expect for the one that lights up the snow flake. I messed around with that one alittle more but couldn't get it to light up. So I just felt it, put the radio back together and installed in the car. Everything seemed fine but The next day as i was driving, the drivers side heated seat came on by itself and it kept doing that everytime i turned it off. Also the buttons for the air flow kept switching without my touching anybuttons. Then i noticed some of the LEDs were out so i thought maybe that was the problem. I took the radio apart again and changed the LEDs(including the snow flake one) so that they all lit up. they were all working and they all lit up fine. Everything work. So I put the radio back together and plugged it in and was just going through the buttons to see if they all worked. They did Untill about a min later and now none of the buttons work when I press them. All the LEDs work now just none of the buttons :( if anyone has any idea plz help! Thanks
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