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Originally Posted by VR Baron View Post
You dared us to find the thread. Wasn't difficult enough! Should have called it Tom's picturelees build thread to throw us Nice backdrop with the whales and fitting, like that, and the rest of the car of course! Just think I wouldn't advertise the side markers, OCP may be tuning! As to the bowtie, delete it and go old school as we have
My thoughts were Oside PD would see the thread and figure the car is for display purposes only, and stop giving me tickets. LoL. I started ti take Tom's advice and go pitureless, but then this would just be BS Thread Part Tre'.

Originally Posted by pierre777 View Post
Heyyyyy finally you started a build , car looks awesome and your rims are killer sick, I suggest you paint your calipers the same color of the stripes you're gonna get, I was thinking of a double din audio with a metra or some other aftermarket kit myself so what's your recommendation on those? One more thing try and get a good camera and find a nice spot to make a nice photoshoot of your beast
Thanks peirre, I like that idea of blue calipers. My wife thinks I should do them black. I've had a red suggestion...great idea. I know a photographer, just gotta find some time to get em done.

Originally Posted by bajamoon View Post
Who's the tough guy on the hood? Lmao. Shows how often i come in here

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That came stock...tried the tough guy delete, but that thing is impossible to unhook! LoL, I think it needs metric and I only have it's staying.

Originally Posted by SinisterEcho View Post
Your ride is lookin good Gunny!
Thanks...yours is
Project MantaRay...Underway
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