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Originally Posted by Mgizzle View Post
Same here guys, just hoping to get in a few weeks before snow in Michigan and then figured out all the things I want to do to it during the winter. Black tail light bezels are a must, probably repaint all interior bezels from silver to flat black, black lug nuts and then MAYBE start on the cooling ducts. A CAI intake and some weight reduction to get ready for the track next year!
Agreed. I definitely plan on getting mine ready for the strip next year. I'm kind of ever the track on a consistent basis but I'd love to see what my car is capable of once all my mods are done. ('cause EVERYONE always asks, "What's it do in the quarter?") LOL
Aside from THAT I want to have at least ONE get together with some locals so when next year roll around I already know some peeps.
Not having the car for several more weeks and winter speeding up, the chance for some "mod meets" is almost gone :(
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