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Originally Posted by SPARTAN sui View Post
Nice setup Steve! What's the specs of your PC?

I also see you're running the Z5500, great system, I've had mine since 2006 connected to my 360.
I got my system from Falcon Northwest at the same time I bought my Camaro back in December of 2009. So, specs were great for then, a little dated now. I had tried to upgrade to a EVGA GTX 680 Signature recently, but BOTH cards from EVGA had issues...though it may be in the motherboards end. I've got a GTX 570 in there now (mainly to get to DX11, the 295's were DX10).

Blue Side Panel & Lighting
2010 Chevy Imperial Blue Metallic Paint
Intel Core I7 975 Extreme 3.33GHz Processor
Water Cooled
12GB 1333MHz RAM
X-Fi Titanium Fatal1ty Pro Sound Card
Blue Ray Reader/Writer
Dual EVGA Superclocked Geforce 295 (yes, two of them...that's QUAD-SLI)
Corsair 256GB Solid State Drive
Western Digital 2TB Hard Drive
30" LB Flatron W3000H Monitor
2017 Camaro 1LT
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