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At the Drags

The 5th Gen Camaro is an awesome fun generator. It is equally at home on a road track or at the drags.

So I finally got around to running at Atco. My thread asking for help is here:

For anyone ever thinking of trying this if you have a track near you it can be a night of big fun at a Test & Tune. At Atco it is $10 to watch and $15 to run. And it does not matter what you have. Everyone has fun. The range of T&T streets cars runs from 10 second flat Nissan GT-Rs to 20 second tow trucks.

At the track I was nervous at first, but then after a while I started to focus on the things that make you faster. Leaving on the third yellow for example will not help your ET, but it will help you beat the car next to you (if that is possible).

The biggest problems are keeping heat soak down and the launch (LS3s). Shifting consistency is next. And then should you shift into 4th? Other Camaro LS3s at the drags seem spilt on this. I could not trap higher than 110 until I started shifting into 4th. I would hit the rev limiter and the car would hit a wall.

Another thing fun about this is you can correct your times to an optimal DA. Since humidity and temperature affect power you will run faster or slower depending on weather conditions. But if you go to this website you can (theoretically) correct for this.

It is not good form to say you ran the corrected times, because you did not. But you can track your mods with this and compare (somewhat) apples to apples in your ET improvements.

My fastest run so far is in the 12s! 12.999 (car 3101) to be exact And my highest trap is 111. I know my car is still faster than me. In good air my SS should be running at least 12.5s around 113. This gives me something to shoot for. Then maybe some DRs will be my next drag mod.

For now I need to work on my RT and 60 foot.

If you are thinking about running, do it!

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